Marriage Guidelines

If you would like to get married at our parish, please attend any of the following orientation nights held at the Parish Hall at 7pm. 

Please call the rectory to register:

Marriage Orientation Meetings:Call parish office to register

No upcoming events.

General Information

Wedding Coordinator

The Wedding Coordinator is Maricela Alvarado. You must contact her one month before the wedding if you wish to make any special arrangements. You can reach her at (562) 900-8909. 


The wedding coordinator schedules the rehearsals.   The priest will not be present at the rehearsal.
The wedding party and all who will be participating in the ceremony must attend.  Please be on time and give your full cooperation to the Wedding Coordinator.
Allow one hour for the rehearsal.  Occasionally an emergency will occur in the church, wherein you may be asked to adjust the time of your rehearsal by an hour or so.  We ask for your patience should this occur.

Flowers and Decorations

St Helen Church does not provide any type of decoration for your wedding.  Any flower arrangements found in the Church are those for the altar and will correspond to the Liturgical calendar (i.e.: Poinsettias during Christmas or lilies during Easter)
Flower arrangements may be placed on pedestals or in a large basket provided by the florist.  You may donate the flowers to the Church following the ceremony.
Decorations of any type are not allowed on the pews.
We do not allow any balloon decorations or arch decorations.


The photographer and/or videographer must contact the Wedding Coordinator upon arrival at least 30 minutes before the mass.
If there is another wedding or event in the church following the wedding, no formal pictures are allowed in the church following the ceremony.
Video filming is allowed during the ceremony but flash photographs may only be taken during the procession in and out of the church.
Photographers must not distract or impede the ceremony.  Photographers will be asked to leave the ceremony by the priest or the wedding coordinator if they become a distraction to the wedding.
Photographer and/or equipment are not allowed inside if they have not been vetted by the coordinator before the mass.


St. Helen Parish does not provide music for the ceremony.
The Parish organist is the only one allowed to use the church organ.
You may contact Luis Toscano & Elizabeth Elizarraraz at (562) 682-8750 to have them perform at your wedding.  All arrangements must be made directly with them.  If you choose to bring your own music for your ceremony, you must first contact parish office for approval.  Please note that only liturgical music will be allowed.
The fee to have Luis Toscano & Elizabeth Elizarraraz perform at your wedding is $150.  If you choose to bring your own music, there will be a $50 music administration fee.  This fee must be paid directly to Luis Toscano.

Miscellaneous Regulations

It is recommended that all the Catholic members of the court of honor and the immediate family of the engaged couple receive the Sacrament of Penance (confession) before the ceremony.  Confessions at St. Helen are on Thursdays at 6pm and Saturdays from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M.
The Maid (Matron) of Honor and the Best Man must go to the sacristy immediately after the wedding to sign the official documents.
Rice, rose petals or any similar articles are not permitted inside or outside of the church.
Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on church premises.
There are a maximum of 8 couples that walk in procession on the wedding date.

Wedding Donation

$700 ($100.00 deposit and $600.00 in payments)

A $100 deposit is required in order to reserve your wedding date. Payments are non-refundable. 

The total amount for the church should be paid in full one month before the marriage.  Otherwise, your wedding is subject to cancellation.